Government assists five families affected by fire in Villa Francisca

Gobierno asiste a cinco familias afectadas por incendio en Villa Francisca

through the Social Assistance Plan of the Presidencythe government delivered a help the five families that last Sunday were affected by a fire occurred on Juana Saltitopa street in the Villa Francisca sector of the National District.

Roosevelt Rondonwho due to an operation on one of his legs can only move with two crutches, which, like his belongings, were not spared from that accident, narrates how he managed to save his life and that of his mother.

“Luckily my two children were not here, the fire started at three in the morning, on the second floor where I live, I couldn’t see anything because of the smoke, I had to crawl to save myself and I was screaming for my mother,” said the young when receiving government support.

According to a note sent to the media, both Roosevelt and his neighbors Altagracia Yudelka, Juana Beltrán, Joaquín Ernesto and Ramona Peralta received government assistance, which consisted of the delivery of all the electrical appliances that they lost, including a living room set, refrigerator, beds, stoves, gas cylinders, sheets, mosquito nets, water, and food rations.

“They never left us alone, since this fire occurred they have always been here, bringing us food, observing each of our needs and today they are here. What is most impressive is the transparency with which you now manage, thanks to the Social Plan and President Luis Abinader”. Doña Altagracia maintains emotionally.

The President of the Neighborhood Council of the Villa Francisca sectorthanked President Luis Abinader, the director of the Social Plan, Yadira Henríquez, and the Senator of the National District, Faride Raful, for their quick assistance.

Families who lived in rented houses had to move their belongings to other homes, an action that is now a great relief for them.


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