O Council of Ministers today will approve a plan to promote, attract and retain scientific and innovative talent in Spain. The program will include a set of 30 specific measures, which will be rolled out over the next 18 months.

Among the Government’s provisions for retain the best scientistshighlight that of improving the development of scientific careers through more doctoral contracts and a new call from the State Research Agency, in addition to incentives attract foreign researchers to the Spanish public and private sector.

Government will launch a new tender for the State Research Agency and will increase the number of doctoral contracts

The measures are added to the decree that the Executive recently agreed to pave the way that allows the permanent contract thousands of scientists in public research centers in order to reduce precariousness and temporality in the sector.

Although this is one of the main novelties of the new scientific law −which is being processed in the Congress of Deputies− the Government approved a royal decree to anticipate and thus allow for the indefinite hiring of scientists.

Simplify the Spanish Space Agency

Furthermore, the Council of Ministers will today give the green light to creation of the Space Councilinterministerial body whose main objective is to speed up the work so that the Spanish Space Agency be fully operational early next year.

Sánchez rules out Madrid as the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency

In this sense, the new Science Law has already incorporated several changes so that its headquarters meet territorial structuring criteria and serve to fight unemployment s depopulation.

At the moment, the Madrid municipalities of Robledo de Chavela and Tres Cantos, as well as Teruel, Seville, León and Cebreros (Ávila) are interested in hosting this seat. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, ruled out the capital Madrid, a decision that fits the Executive’s objective of decentralize bodies per promote social and territorial cohesion.


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