Government and some merchants support salary increase in the private sector as suggested by Conep

Some merchants and officials from the agricultural and industrial sector considered yesterday as “positive” the voluntary wage increase proposed by the National Council of Private Companies (Conep) for the benefit of area employees.

During the inauguration ceremony of the new Logistics Storage Center of Industrias Banilejas (Induban) that took place yesterday, Agriculture Minister Limber Cruzconsidered that it is necessary to be “cautious” when applying the measure because it would affect consumers.

“I understand that a wage increase in the agricultural sector, especially at a time of global crisis and inflation, must be prudent because in the end the cost increases are paid by consumers…,” the official said upon leaving the opening act when approached by members of the press.

He stressed that the entity he directs would always agree “on the framework of prudence, good sense and the moment in which we are living; Conep speaks voluntarily under the conditions of each sector, each farm and each industry would be done, it is not an obligation”.

This week, the National Council of Private Companies (CONEP) suggested to the employer sector carry out a “voluntary salary adjustment taking into account the levels of inflation experienced in the country during the last year”.

The suggestion was made through a statement detailing that the proposal “is the result of extensive consultations carried out by the institution with the productive sectors of the country".

For his part, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Víctor Bisonó, favored the measure and said that “industry and commerce are doing well within the existing scenario and that from inflation itself it is necessary to transfer a little purchasing power to the population. ”.

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“If the president of Conep says it, he will know why he is saying it. The results of last year in the growth of the commerce industries and how the numbers are going this year, I think that it could be thought to analyze and transfer a little to the population that increase in all the processes that exist in the Dominican industry”, he expressed. when questioned on the subject.

He also explained that what is interesting today “is that businessmen have found a government that is a friend with whom they can talk.”

Bisonó added that it is the first time that the business community itself has said that there must be an increase in wages and considered “that yes, they must be taken at their word.”


Some merchants also referred to the issue and agreed on mutual support in the application of the proposal.

Ricardo Rosario, president of the United Retailers Group, considered the measure “satisfactory” and hopes that the government will come to the aid of MSMEs to be able to maintain this type of suggestion.

While the president of the National Federation of Merchants and Entrepreneurs of the Dominican Republic (Fenacerd), José Díaz, sees the increase as positive if the employer demands it.

“We understand that any employer who understands that his employee needs a raise to survive would be well received by the employees and consequently benefits the population in general,” he explained.

Both agreed that this voluntary increase is an increase in justice.


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