Government aid for Covid says diluted need to deliver 30% AFPs

The request for early withdrawal of 30% of the pension funds has been losing force, because since the pandemic entered the country, in March of last year, the governments that have had to face it have arranged aid programs for workers and their families.

This was indicated by the social security expert, Leimy Lora, who said that thanks to this it was not necessary to touch those resources, which if it had happened to them would be detrimental to those affiliated with social security and the national economy.

"It is an issue that will be diluted, since since March 2020 our country was one of the few that guaranteed social assistance to workers through different programs", said Lora, referring to the claim that has as justification of those who do it, the crisis generated by the pandemic.

He recalled that with these aid, which included the extension of the coverage of the different health risk insurance, the situation was responded to.

He explained that almost one million 900 thousand people have returned to their jobs, "Therefore, the request to return 30% in response to the economic crisis or lack of employment, would already be a cause that would be dissolving".

He called on the groups making the request to reconsider their position and understand the damage that the early withdrawal of those resources can cause, because among other things, it would reduce the amount of the pension by up to 35%.

Said "there are people who, taking into account the amounts they have accumulated in their account, could probably be left out of the system and not receive any pension".

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Lora believes that the attention and efforts of all sectors should be directed towards a reform of social security that benefits the Dominican Republic.

He considered it propitious that the consensus for the modification of Law 87-01 on Social Security be discussed within the dialogues that are carried out in the working groups of the Economic and Social Council.


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