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Gorka Izagirre is back in cyclocross racing

Gorka Izagirre is back in cyclocross racing

Gorka continues to wear the Movistar jersey, although he will accompany his brother Jon at the French Cofidis next year. His father, José Ramón, was a prominent winter sports athlete Breed comes to the greyhound. So much Jon and Gorka usually compete in Basque cyclocross races although only the second one was shown this year. In Lemona and Urdiain, near his house.

He came third in the Biscay race and first in the Navarrese race. Gorka lives in Ziordia and drove to Urdiain on Sunday, where he achieved his best result of the season. Has a lot of current and if the circuit is mobile, He illustrates his point in a convincing way. However, on Saturday he did not appear on the cold and damp morning of Ametzaga de Zuia, in the province of Álava.

The one who was there as a spectator was Oier Lazkano (Movistar). “I already have concentration this week”, he commented to Diario AS. “I’m looking forward to getting to know the calendar and starting competing,” he assured this newspaper. Chente García Acosta was also present as his son from Tafalla Cycling Club competes in the U23 category. There was also Iker Ballarín, who hung up his bike in Euskaltel this year, and Javi Ruiz de Larrinaga, five-time Spanish champion.

The Basque calendar has tighter dates from now on. Segura, 9th day, Igorre on the 10th, Bera on the 16th, Aiara on the 23rd, Abadiño on the 30th and already in January Ormaiztegi on the 7th and from the 10th to 14th the Spanish Championships in Amurrio (Álava). ) on the Réfor route. The Euskadi Championship will take place on December 30th and the presence of the Izagirre brothers cannot be ruled out. as they usually sign up for this test. Also in Ormaiztegi, his hometown.

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