Google’s Grace Hopper submarine cable arrives in Spain

Google was announced The Grace Hopper Installation, the submarine cable, in Sopelana (Bilbao).

It is an advanced subsea cabling system that connects the United States with the United Kingdom and Spain.

Cable 16 pairs of fibers, Designed to increase service reliability and provide high levels of network speed and flexibility, it will increase the capacity and power of Google’s services and improve the overall European telecommunications infrastructure.

The cable, announced in 2020, is financed by Google and connects points near New York City, Bude (United Kingdom) and Bilbao (Spain). The mooring in Spain was carried out under the direction of Telxius, the Spanish telecommunications infrastructure subsidiary of Telefónica.


It is the first cable financed by Google to reach the country and is part of company’s commitment to the economic recovery of Spain, offering consumers better access to Google products and companies better performing enterprise products such as Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace.

Along with Curie, Dunant, Equiano and Firmina, Grace Hopper is the latest cable connecting continents along the ocean floor. Grace Hopper also follows a unique path along Google’s existing transatlantic cables, such as the dunant, connecting the United States and France, and the Havfru, linking the United States and Denmark

The cable is expected to reach Cornwall, off the British coast, by the end of 2021, making Grace Hopper one of the first cables to link the US and UK since 2003.

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