Google’s Fuchsia operating system has a new logo

A recent Google trademark application indicates that the Fuchsia operating system will have a new logo.

You may not recognize the old logo, but the new one is a very stylized ‘f’ for ‘Fuchsia’.

The new logo appears in a trademark application filed by Google on June 28th, with a description that says: “The brand consists of a stylized design of a lowercase letter “f”, and that “This trademark registration is intended to cover the operating system software categories; computer operating software; software development tools.”

  • Google's Fuchsia operating system has a new logo

The application is still “pending examination”, which means it is pending and has not yet been approved. Google hasn’t started using it anywhere unless we know about it.

Although the app doesn’t mention “Fuchsia” directly, it’s the only operating system that starts with an “f” that Google has, and the company has confirmed to 9to5Google that the logo applies to Fuchsia.

No wonder Google is starting to pay attention to the Fuchsia brand now that Google has started using it in the first generation of Nest Hub, although the new logo is not the prettiest we’ve seen.

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