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Google’s AI to help you write emails

Google releases fifth product review update

Gmail introduces input features supported by Duet Assistant AI who can help you write and personalize your emails. Google made this announcement as part of this week’s news of its event Google Cloud Next ’23.

Additionally, the company released a series of updates to Duet AI, which is increasingly available to Workspace users and helps them with various tasks through meetings, documents, Google Chat and more.

How does it work?

Duet AI improves on Gmail’s existing Smart Reply feature by allowing users to compose longer, more personalized emails with a tap. Now Google has shared more about how it will actually work in an update for Workspace users. On both web and mobile, Gmail users can select the button Help me writewhich offers you a wide range of writing assistance options:

  • Write the draft. We can use our own words to describe the message we want to write. Help me write It also understands the context of previous messages in an email thread to create draft replies that are relevant to the conversation.
  • Formulate the draft: Change the tone of the design to make it more formal.
  • Prepare the draft: Add more details to the email message to follow the draft.
  • Shorten the eraser: Reduce the email draft length.
  • I feel happy: Introduce entertaining tone and style variations to the content we write.

Whether you’re arranging a meeting with a prospect or revising an introductory email for a new team member, Help me write in Gmail saves time by eliminating the tedious task of email writing and ensures the right tone and style for every messaging occasion.

A similar function of Help me write will also come Documentsallow change the tone of the content, summarize sections, add bullet points, elaborate or shorten the textwhich creates an instant draft.

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