Google will soon remove these Gmail accounts, attention!

This is an effort to clean up accounts that are inactive or have not been used effectively for at least two years. TO Google it will soon start deleting these accounts that are not being used, so if you have a paused account, see what you have to do so you don’t lose it.

The goal is simple and practical. Free up resources that are currently being used inefficiently. In this sense, the North American technology company itself has already confirmed the measure to “clean up” unemployed accounts and their data.

Inactive accounts for at least 2 years will be deleted

Google account

It was something that was already predicted, in fact, since 2020 when this hypothesis first appeared on the Internet. However, Google itself has stated that it will also delete the data stored and its content in an inactive account, but not the account itself.

Now, however, also the account that has been inactive for at least two years -by inactivity is understood the lack of login- according to the metrics followed by the company. So if you have an account in these circumstances, here’s what to do.

The decision has now been confirmed by Google itself in a dedicated post on the respective Blog. The account wipe will reportedly begin this year, starting in December 2023.

Redeem your Google account with these simple steps

To keep your account active, in addition to doing a simple full backup to avoid mishaps, you should perform some of these online behaviors and activities:

  • Read and/or send some email (send an email through Gmail)
  • Wear to Google Drive to access, save, delete a file
  • To see a video on YouTube while logged in to the account in question
  • Wear Google search logged in
  • Wear Google account to do Access on a third-party service or platform
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However, it is important to note that if you have a secondary Google account on your Android smartphone, even if you don’t use it, Google considers this account to be active. It’s a safeguard for a business or more advanced use of Google services.

It should also be noted that Google will notify users of inactive accounts well in advance. Thus, they will always be able to use it and prevent American technology from effectively deleting it, as well as the data it may contain.

Finally, at least for now, Google has no intention of deleting inactive accounts containing YouTube videos, who have already published or uploaded a video to its platform.

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