Google will replace your Nest cameras for free if they are stolen

If one of your worries about Internet-connected doorbells or security cameras is someone trying to steal them, you might be in luck.

Google recently announced its new battery powered Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell devices and along with the announcement they also revealed that if your Nest device is stolen, it will be replaced for free.

This is clear from the support page where Google claims that some Nest devices can be replaced free of charge if stolen.

According to Google, this includes the battery-powered Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell recently announced in every country where they go on sale, along with the wired version of the Nest Doorbell in the United States.

In the event these devices are stolen, you must file a report to the police, which you must provide to Google within 30 days of the theft to prove your device was stolen and obtain a replacement.

You should not remove your camera or ringtone from your in-app account as you will need this information to process the replacement.

Unfortunately, older Nest device users will not be able to benefit from this measure, but if you plan to buy newer models, you will be covered.

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