Google will install the world’s longest internet cable under the Argentine sea

Google has the green light to install an internet cable that It will leave the Argentine coast and, at a depth of 4,000 meters under the Atlantic and with branches to Uruguay and Brazil, will connect with South Carolina, in the USA.

The Argentine government on Wednesday authorized the technology company Google to install the initial section of what will be the world’s longest fiber-optic submarine cable, with 13,500 kilometers in length, which will link the country to Myrtle Beach, in North Carolina. South, USA.

The cable will be installed from the resort of Las Toninas, province of Buenos Aires, and will cross the waters of the Atlantic at a depth of 4,000 meters, with branches to the cities of Punta del Este, in Uruguay, and Praia Grande, in the Brazilian state. from Sao Paulo.

The work will improve Internet connectivity, as it will transport data traffic quickly and safely between North America and South America, with a final projected capacity of 15.03 terabits per second (TB/s) for each pair of fiber.

This project, promoted by the company Google Infraestructura SRL, will be carried out in response to the need to expand the installation of the fiber optic cable system, and was called ‘Firmina’.

The resolution that authorizes Google

The authorization of the Argentine Government was carried out through the Resolution 1606/2022 of the National Communication Entity (Enacom), published this Wednesday in the Diário da República.

Enacom said in a statement that this initiative “will bring a significant benefit” to Argentina, taking into account the growing demand for services that increasingly require infrastructure capacity in terms of telecommunications, especially in the international segment.

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The body also highlighted that Firmina “will be the longest cable in the world capable of running with a single power supply at one end of the cable in case your other power supplies are temporarily unavailable“.

“With 12 fiber pairs, the cable will transport traffic quickly and securely between North America and South America, providing fast, low-latency access to Google products like search, Gmail and YouTube, as well as Google services. Google Cloud”, indicated Enacom.

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The internet capital for Google

Google’s will not be the first or the only fiber optic cable to be installed in Las Toninas, a small and peaceful town on the Atlantic Sea of ​​just 5,000 inhabitants who live between the countryside and the sea,

Las Toninas is considered ‘the capital of the internet’, as it houses other fiber optic channels in its waters that allow a better functioning of the global network.

In 2018, there were already five cables in operation: Unisur, Sam-1, SAC, Atlantis and Bicentenario. GlobeNet and Meta joined in late 2021, with Malbec.

One of the reasons that make Las Toninas the city chosen for the development of these technological infrastructures is the fact that they are looking for a place with calm seas and a sandy bottom, without rocks that could break or damage the cable.

In addition to fulfilling these characteristics, Las Toninas is only 338 kilometers from the capital, Buenos Aires, closer than other coastal cities in the province.

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