Google wants to update its search engine

After complaints from users who continue searching Google is no longer as effective as it used to be, the tech giant is changing its search engine and wants to update it. People search differently these days, thanks in large part to artificial intelligence. For this reason, the company wants to implement new initiatives.

New features include introduction an experimental function of participation Search laboratories, which allows web users in the United States and India to add a note to almost any web page, enriching search results with users’ personal experiences and insights. If the project is working properly, the notes will impact Google’s algorithm over time. The goal is to provide a new way to share tips and advice about web content directly in search, helping people answer their most specific questions and discover what is most useful to them on the web.

Pursue a topic that interests you

Google personalizes search results for users by allowing them to follow topics of interestas well as presenting websites in new ways. This helps them stay up to date on searches or topics they frequently return to or want to learn more about. From a favorite sports team to something more specific like vegan cuisine, you can use Search to find more useful information about what’s important to you.

An example would be if the person is training to start their first half marathon and is looking for tips on how to prepare. You have to press the button Follow the search results and we automatically see articles and videos about marathon training on Discover, the home page of the Google app. From Discover, you can jump directly to the search results page to see more content and insights related to what we track, such as a video demonstrating a training exercise.

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As with all search information, Google’s systems strive to display the most useful, relevant, and trustworthy information on a topic. Therefore, the same approach is taken to display high-quality information based on factors such as expertise, experience, authority and reliability. This new feature will roll out in the US in English on the Google app, as well as Chrome and Safari on mobile devices, in the coming weeks.

Notes, a feature to add your posts

Another more experimental initiative is Remarkswhich becomes one Collaboration space where you can share tips and advice on web content, directly in the search. Google sees the launch of the new feature as adding a new layer of human knowledge to search results that works hand in hand with existing content on the web and makes it more useful.

This tool gives advice on which are the best cafes or how to reduce the spiciness in a recipe in an article about a city. For example, if a baking tutorial helped you create the perfect cheesecake, the user can leave a note to help other people Avoid rookie mistakes.

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