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Google wants to recruit iPhone users for the Pixel Fold with generous offers

Google wants to recruit iPhone users for the Pixel Fold with generous offers

After years of rumors, Google has finally launched its Pixel Fold smartphone and it wants to make it a success.

One of its strategies is to attract users with good offers, especially from the Apple universe. Whoever has an iPhone to trade earns more…

Google Pixel Fold with generous offers at launch

We’re keeping the momentum going with Pixel products and delivering best-in-class technology across all screens, small and large. Stay tuned for Google Pixel Fold and #Pixel Tablet. #GoogleIO pic.twitter.com/l84dNGWXVs

– Google Google) May 10, 2023

For far too long, the web world has lived with rumors about Google’s first foldable smartphone, but lo and behold, this week the model was finally officially unveiled.

As expected, it comes with a high price of $1,799, that is, about 1,650 euros. But Google tried to soften the cost with very tempting offers. All users who pre-order now will receive a Pixel Watch worth $349.99 (approximately €320).

As with other brands, Google also allows you to trade in your old smartphone for a “new” Pixel Fold, to bring the cost down a bit. And this is where iPhone users gain an advantage. All because they have at their disposal a more generous offer than what happens with Android devices.

More generous discounts when upgrading to an Apple model

If users trade in a 128GB iPhone 14 Pro, they receive a discount of $900. If an iPhone 13 Pro is pre-ordered, the discount is $850 – for the same device delivered, Apple offers a discount of $530.

If you trade in a 128GB Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the discount drops to $750, while shipping in a Galaxy Z Fold 4 already translates to a $900 discount. For reference, Samsung is offering a discount of $700 for the Galaxy S22 Ultra and $750 for the Fold 4.

But be warned, these generous offers from Google are limited only to the new Pixel Fold and to no other devices in the search giant’s series of smartphones. By the way, if an iPhone 14 Pro is traded for a Pixel 7 Pro, the discount is only $450.

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