In the middle of this year, Google announced the arrival of profiles to its platform for smart TVs Google TV. This option offers the possibility of creating different profiles for different users on the same computer, fulfilling one of the most frequent user requests.

This option should have been made available to the public in November, however these days, we have all realized that the schedule has not been met. Speaking to Google’s 9to5 publication, the US company confirms its delay.

Google TV will have the option to set up profiles in the “next few months.”

Google has just confirmed the delay in making the profiles available to Google TV, but rest the most concerned users. This functionality is still part of the company’s plans for this platform, however, it will be available “in the next few months.”

This calendar advances the launch of the novelty somewhere until 2022. Hopes are remote that the profiles will reach Google TV in 2021, so you will have to continue sharing your account with your partners.

The details that led to the postponement of the availability of this functionality are also unclear. Google did not want to dwell on the causes of this inconvenience, simply resting its users that the novelty will eventually be released.

With the introduction of profiles on Google TV, it will be possible to link up to 12 Google accounts on the same computer. Although everyone has access to the same range of apps, the tips and customization options will vary by profile.

In addition, the Google Assistant will also adjust your responses to suggestions based on the user profile in use. Everything so that each user has a user experience fully adjusted to their preferences.

Something that Google has not delayed was the launch of cards with relevant information for the user. In them you will be able to obtain information such as the weather forecast, news or sports results.

This last feature has already become available to some users in the United States. It is expected that more users will also receive it in the coming days.


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