Google Trends Shows Greater Interest In NFTs Than Crypto

Data from Google Trends shows that interest in NFTs is outpacing interest in cryptocurrencies for the first time.

Interest in NFTs is increasing

The latest data from Google Trends shows that interest in the search term ‘NFT’ has increased. It also caught up with the search term ‘crypto’ for the first time this week.

NFT more popular than crypto for the first time – Source: Google Trends

In the chart above, interest is plotted against time for the two search terms. This chart measures interest against the highest interest ever measured for a specific time period.

The value of the “highest interest” is 100 and all other values ​​are assigned relative to it. A point on the curve with a value of 50 would mean that the search term was half as popular at the time compared to its all-time high.

Interest in the search term “NFT” has steadily increased since August. This week, NFTs appear to be more popular than crypto for the first time as the curve of NFTs has caught up with that of crypto.

The decline in the popularity of the crypto term may be due to the fact that the Bitcoin price has been constant for a while. On the other hand, the NFT market is in a strong phase. Therefore, it is more than normal that interest continues to rise.

Another factor could be that the term NFT is only now becoming mainstream. Because of this, many newcomers look up the term.

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