Home Tech Google Search has the best free tool for guitarists (and more)!

Google Search has the best free tool for guitarists (and more)!

We have great news for guitarists (and beyond). Whether you are a classical guitar student or an electric guitar enthusiast, if there is one thing that is of great use to you in any case, it is a tuner. Now him Google search integrates this tool.

Just open your favorite browser (browser) and go to Google search. Then search for “Google Tuner” or “Google Tuner”, in Portuguese. The search result will present you with this free tool presented with the latest update.

Discover the tuner included in Google search

Google tuner
Example of presentation of Google Tuner through Chrome on the computer.

After the presentation of the new tool, the browser will ask for permission to access the microphone of the computer or mobile device in order to use this tuner. Instructions are clearly presented so you know what to do.

We see, in effect, that the note is recognized as immediate, as well as the presentation of the degree of tone. The user will then know whether to press the string to make the note higher or to release it slightly to make it lower.

Please note that this tool is available / accessible through any device that has access to Google search, be it an Android tablet or a smartphone. It’s also available through Apple’s iPhone and Apple’s iPad, for example.

Available free for Android, iOS and PC / Mac

Google Tuner presentation example via Chrome on a smartphone.

The new tool was introduced later this week and can be used by anyone with access to the Google search engine. The presented results are quite accurate, compared to a dedicated tuner, with feedback righ now.

The visual presentation of the information is made in a clear way so that any type of user knows how to interpret the data presented. Note that all you have to do is grant access to the device’s microphone first.

It is by using the device’s built-in microphone, be it a phone or a computer, that the tool operates its automatic note recognition feature.

Easy way to tune guitars and other instruments

Google also offers a digital version of the metronome.

Finally, if you want the best results, place the phone near the instrument to be tuned, if it is a mobile device, or close it from the computer, for example.

For most string instruments, as well as most wind instruments (wood and brass), this Google tool can be an advantage. Try, for example, to sing a note and check the results presented.

But there is more! Google Search also offers, for example, a digital metronome.

Additionally, you will also find fun tools like Color Picker, Spinner (and Fidget Spinner), Air Coin, Meditate, and Roll a Die. Finally, we have the Calculator and the Spirit Level among the Google Search tools.

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