Google reveals that the final version of Android 12 is about to be released

Since May, Android 12 has been in beta. During these months, some users had the right to test the new functions of the operating system in advance and help to improve it even more.

Having reached the fifth version of the Android 12 beta, we are about to launch the final and stable version of Android 12. Something that Google itself has just confirmed publicly.

The final version of Android 12 will arrive in the next few weeks

Commenting on the availability of Android 12 beta 5, Google clarifies that the final version is “within a few weeks.” It means that the new version of your operating system is likely to reach users this month.

Android 12

Note that Google did not provide a specific date for the availability of Android 12 to the general public. However, his statements are in line with the expectation that it will be released in September.

For those of you on the Android 12 beta channel, the new version shouldn’t bring big news. It will be a refinement of what has been made available in recent months, reaching a state very close to the final result of this software.

In fact, with beta 5, Android 12 reaches the stage of “platform stability”. Simplifying the term, it means that the software is already considered stable and any user can use it on their smartphone without major problems.

Android 12 brings a new design and more privacy

With the release of Android 12, Google moves into the “Material You” era. It is a design concept focused on the user and their preferences, changing colors and schemes according to the user’s tastes.

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In effect, the philosophy of the topic is implemented at the system level. This means that the colors will be shaped according to the wallpaper chosen by the user and will have an impact on the different menus of Android 12.

Another key point of the new Google operating system will be user privacy. The user will quickly know when the camera and microphone are in use and can easily disable them.

In addition, we have the introduction of a privacy panel where the user will have a set of pertinent information. There you will know, in detail, what data any application collects, in addition to being able to terminate said permissions immediately.

Now we have to wait for the day of the final availability of Android 12. Pixel smartphones will be the first to receive this version, and manufacturers will later update their equipment with the new software.

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