With the Google I/O event kicking off on May 11, Google is using social media to build buzz around it. The most anticipated announcement is Android 13, with the American company leaving a small puzzle for what is to come.

Via Twitter, the American giant wants to know what fans are most expecting from its event for programmers this week. The hypotheses presented are seen as clues for the announcements that will be made at the event.

#GoogleIO is loading… Which update are you most excited to see on May 11 and 12?

—Android (@Android) May 9, 2022

Google wants to know what else you want to know at Google I/O 2022

Options left by Google include “Security Updates,” “Messaging Updates,” Cross-Device Updates,” and “New Partnerships.” You have until tomorrow to leave your response.

Among the possibilities listed, the one that raises the most enthusiasm among the followers are the updates between devices. This is where the curiosity of Android users lies, and rightly so.

It is not very well known what is the purpose of Google with this issue. Still, its description indicates that the company is working on new methods to improve the interaction of products in its ecosystem.

Second, we have news related to messages. After integrating native iPhone reactions into the Google Messages app, Android fans are waiting to find out what the American’s next trump cards are for this app.

Thirdly, there is the issue of security, which is becoming more and more fashionable among users. Not surprisingly, this will undoubtedly be a key aspect of Android 13 and it is not surprising that its followers are eager to know what is new.

Finally, we have the category of new alliances as the one that has the least enthusiasm among users. Without going into more detail, this is the hope that Google joins other companies to improve the experience of their products/services.

All the details will be clarified next Wednesday, at the start of the Google I/O contest. That day Android 13 will surely be presented and the main novelties that the operating system reserves for users will be clarified.


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