Google Releases Update to Fix Pixel 6 Fingerprint Reader Issues

Google has launched a Pixel 6 update that supposedly improves fingerprint scanner performance.

Details of the update appear on Google’s support page, which vaguely indicates that it includes “Minor bug fixes and some fingerprint sensor performance improvements for Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.”

Google responded a few weeks ago to criticism about the slowness of the fingerprint reader, saying that the “Improved Security Algorithms” the scanner may lead to slow or unreliable performance.

Google never indicated whether the scanner’s performance had anything to do with the device’s hardware or software issues, and their initial response implied that the scanner needed to be slow for its security features to work properly.

Now that Google has released an update, the issue could be software-related after all.

User reactions in reddit offer varied results; while some say the update fixed the slowness issue, others say there are some improvements, but small ones.

It should be noted that although the update only takes 14.56MB, Google says it takes between 25 and 30 minutes to download and install, depending on the number of apps you have.

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