Google Play Store will show more respect for Android tablet users

The universe of Android tablets has been away from Google’s attention for many years. The feeling is that the American company never gave due value to this market niche, limiting itself to migrating its operating system to larger screens.

That started to change with the release of Android 12L, a version designed for foldable smartphones and tablets. Within the scope of this new operating system, there are also new behaviors of the Play Store in this type of equipment.

Play Store for Android tablets gets new app filtering methods

The news was announced by Google through its developer blog. There, the American giant unveiled new behaviors for its app store in order to improve the user experience of Android tablets.

Android Tablet Play Store

One of the innovations has to do with the app classification in Play Store. This arrangement of apps will be governed by a set of features that Google considers essential for a good tablet experience.

Aspects such as support for orientation of the application interface in landscape and portrait mode, support for keyboard or pen and others will be considered here. Apps that meet these requirements will be placed at the top of Play Store listings.

Users will face new alerts in case the application you are installing does not meet these requirements. In effect, users will be alerted to the fact that their experience may not be up to expectations.

Google will also start distinguishing app reviews by platforms. That is, tablet users will only see the reviews they leave about the performance of that app on the tablet.

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If an app works perfectly on a smartphone, but is a mess on a tablet, users will only see the latter scenario. In this way, Google will ensure that users see the opinions that really matter.

The news that is now being made public will begin to take effect over the next few months. As always, it will be a gradual rollout and not all users may receive it at the same time.

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