Google Play Store started testing smartphone app sync

While there hasn’t been a full-scale release yet, we can already get a look at the smartphone app sync feature thanks to user feedback. on the social networks.

If you use multiple Android devices, now you will be able to sync your apps across all supported android devices including smartphones.

For most people, this feature won’t be a big plus, but some multi-phone users might benefit from it. For example, if you’re using a smartphone and you download a new app, syncing it with other Android devices you own saves time.

as you can imagine, this also works if you install apps on an android tablet and sync them to your smartphone.

A “Sync Apps to Devices” section in the Play Store will allow users to easily sync devices when the time is right. In addition, this menu also offers more granular controls, such as adding or removing devices to sync.

The only downside is that it’s only being tested for now, so there’s no release window available. We hope this feature will be released soon.

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