Google Play Store makes it easy to install apps on these platforms

Google is simplifying the interaction between different smart devices with access to the official app store, the Google play store. In fact, whether it is the smartphone or the Android TV box, as well as the Smart TV itself, all these devices can have access to them, or to adapted versions, of them. Applications.

That said, if until now it was necessary to access its version of the Play Store through each of these mobile devices to install, remove and / or discover new applications, from now on this step will be standardized. In fact, from the computer, for example, we can install, delete and manage the content installed on the most diverse Android devices.

Play Store made it easy to install apps on other Android platforms

Android App Google Play Store
Example of interface and installation from Google Play Store on Android devices.

In short, it will now be possible to install / remove / manage applications remotely on other devices from a single Android device. Thus, it will be possible to use our Android smartphone to have a specific application installed on the Smart TV or SmartWatch Wear OS, for example.

This change will simplify the installation process, with search filters to facilitate content management. Therefore, it will be much easier to find the application that we want to have on the smart watch, the television or even on the Android Box TV.

The discovery was made by the Reddit user warned and then informed by the post Android Police. Something that until now is not possible and that ends up fragmenting the user experience, being finally recognized and resolved by Google.

Install apps on Smart TV or SmartWatch Wear OS via Android smartphone

Google Play Store Android
Search filters will help you find the right apps for each device.

The telephone will be the unifying point. That is, through this mobile device we can search the Google Play Store for the best applications for Wear OS smartwatch, the most useful applications for Smart TV, among other devices that make up the ecosystem.

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Thus, through the telephone and the versatility and ease of use associated with this equipment, we will have easy control of what is installed on other devices associated with the same Google account. A uniformity that only sins for the delay in arriving.

In practice, the install button becomes a new menu. drop down (descending) that shows us the installation options. That is, it shows us all the devices associated with the Google account on which a certain application can be installed.

From there, the user can easily manage their applications. That is, we will have a new way of dealing with remote installations on Wear OS devices, as well as other equipment with access to the Google Play Store.

Simple and convenient, it will be the new installation method of the Android application.

New Google Play Store filters simplify finding Android TV and Wear OS apps from your phone

– Android Police (@AndroidPolice) December 17, 2021

This is a very convenient function that facilitates the entire process, since we can install applications on the Smart TV even when we are not near it.

In practice, the device is given an order to install certain content and, as soon as it is connected and has access to the Internet, the installation will proceed.

It should be noted that this “shortcut” was already available through the web version of the Play Store, that is, through the computer. However, it is now presented in the Google Play Store for Android, making our smartphone a true control center.

Finally, this new feature is gradually distributed by Google. That being said, they may have to wait a few days or a few weeks (or even have it available already) on their Android smartphones.

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