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Google Play Awards: Here are the best Android apps and games of 2022

The end of the year is approaching and at the beginning of December we already have one of the most anticipated awards of the year. More specifically, the Google Play Awardsthe distinction awarded by the research giant to the best Applications Y games for devices android🇧🇷

The selection is made by North American technology itself, as well as by public vote. In various categories that we will present below, we have the range of the best apps and games available through the store. google play store🇧🇷

Google Play Awards 2022

Best Android Apps of 2022

The Best Android App 2022 award goes to Dream by WOMBO – AI Art Tool, a free app that uses artificial intelligence to create authentic works of art from a simple text description.

It’s great for exploring the limits of AI, it just gives the app some “clues” and nothing else.

The best apps for entertainment and fun:

The best apps for growth and personal care

The best essential apps for everyday life.

The best hidden gems in the Play Store

The best app for Wear OS

The best app for Chromebooks

The best Android games of 2022

Google also announced the winners of the different categories of games featured in the Google Play Store. Here we have several titles for different types of games and mechanics, with several free titles, as well as some paid games.

Best game according to audience

best multiplayer games

The best adventure and racing games.

  • angry birds trip
  • gun and dungeons
  • HOOK 2
  • hide and seek
  • quad line

The best games Independent

  • risky dungeons
  • Dreadrock Dungeons
  • knots
  • clapping with one hand
  • phobias

Games with the best story

  1. papers please
  3. Inua – A story in ice and time
  4. The secret of the island of cats
  5. Turnip Boy commits tax evasion

The best games in progress

The best games on Google Play Pass

The best games for Android tablets

The best game for Chromebooks

The list of winners was announced by North American Technology through its BlogThe Keyword, with more details about the Play Awards 2022.

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