Google Play announces favorable crypto policy

Google Play has announced a major policy change that can be considered beneficial for crypto enthusiasts. Application developers are given the green light to trade blockchain-based digital content within apps and games on Google Play.

Google Play allows NFT games

Into a new one blog entry let it be known that digital assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) may be incorporated into the applications provided full transparency is provided. Companies will have to make it clear in the Play Console that blockchain elements are incorporated in the relevant app.

In the blog post, Joseph Mill emphasizes, Group Product Manager of Google Play, the importance of user trust and noted the following:

“While tokenized assets are intended to build more enriched, immersive experiences, developers should not promote or glorify potential income from gaming or trading activities as additional user protection.”

Enforces Google Play’s gambling, games and competitions policies. This means that apps that do not meet the eligibility requirements for gambling are not allowed to advertise the purchase of in-game items such as a ‘loot box’ for a chance to win NFTs.

Users will be able to see the first tests of the new experiences in late summer as they work with an initial group of developers. The new policy will be fully rolled out later this year.

Reddit, which has since grown into a major player in the NFT world, was one of the partners that worked with Google on the new policy.

Matt Williamson, the Senior Engineering Manager of the popular social media platform said the updated guidelines are “aimed at creating a level playing field that promotes user trust and responsible use of blockchain technology.”

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Shift Web3 policy Google

Previously, Google’s policy regarding blockchain-based apps was often characterized as unclear. For example, in 2021, the game “Bitcoin Blast” was removed from the Play Store for no reason at all. Crypto mining apps have also been banned since 2018, but this will not change with the new guidelines.

In general, attitudes towards Web3 have been moving in the right direction recently. For example, in 2022 ArDrive Mobile, an app for decentralized data storage, was admitted to the Play Store and Axie Infinity is also listed in the Play Store in selected countries.

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