Google finally revealed its Pixel Watch, but it only revealed the design, without going too deep into the specifications of the new smartwatch.

For this reason, the rumors about the wearable continue. And now it is being teased that the Pixel Watch could come with a four-year-old chip that was released in 2018.

Google may launch the Pixel Watch with a processor that is already four years old

google pixel clock
Google Pixel Watch will have proprietary brand bracelets

The long-awaited Pixel Watch has finally been announced by Google. At its I/O 2022 event, the research giant showed off the new smartwatch that is still months away from launch. For that reason, the company only released the design that confirmed all the images released so far by the team.

As for the technical specifications, Google did not give more details and, therefore, the rumors about the new wearable continue to multiply. The latest advances that the Pixel Watch will hit the market with a chip that was first released four years ago.

According to the 9to5Google website, the smartwatch will be powered by Samsung’s Exynos 9110 processor that first appeared in 2018 on the South Korean brand’s Galaxy Watch Active.

If the information is confirmed, the situation becomes disappointing and, above all, bizarre, since the aforementioned Galaxy Watch Active has even been discontinued by Samsung, which currently uses the Exynos W920 chip in its latest smart watches.

Some rumors suggest that Google may revive this chip by introducing other technologies and improvements to the Pixel Watch software, taking it to the year 2022 and making it something desirable for users. But we will have to wait to better understand Google’s plans.

What Google revealed about the Pixel Watch

google pixel clock
At its I/O 2022 event, Google revealed some details of the new Pixel Watch

But Google made some revelations about the new smartwatch and we learned that it will hit the market with the operating system Wear OS 3. This will be an improved version that will have a new interface, smarter notifications and even optimized navigation.

Google also confirmed that the Pixel Watch will have algorithms from Fitbit. This means that you will be able to take optimized readings from the data collected by the integrated sensors.

In the health-oriented resources, you will have heart rate monitoring, as well as sleep quality, in addition to including the functionality of active zone minutes.

The Pixel Watch will also support the Google Home app which will allow users to control all the smart devices in their home through the wearable device.

By the way, as a warning, Google highlighted that the new smartwatch will only offer compatibility with Android 8 smartphone or higher version and will require a user’s Google account to be able to configure it.

It seems that the Pixel Watch will arrive with some peculiarities that can hinder its path in the market and lead users to opt for other more comfortable and less demanding solutions.


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