Google Pixel Watch 2 may arrive in two different variants

Although Google is only going to launch the second generation of its smartwatch in October of this year, rumors have already begun to emerge.

According to the 9to5Google website, the Pixel Watch 2 could arrive in two different variants, although their differences are, for now, in the secret of the gods.

What we already know about the Pixel Watch 2

Image of the Google Pixel clock
The Pixel Watch recently received the ability to monitor blood oxygen levels.Credit@Google

It will be in October this year when Google launches the new generation of Pixel 8 smartphones. At the same time, the search giant will also launch the second generation of its smartwatch and the first rumors about this device are already beginning to emerge.

According to the 9to5Google website, it appears that this year’s model will be available in two different variants. This font is based on the latest Google app update (version 14.24) which appears to contain two codenames, Aurora and Eros, for the Pixel Watch 2.

Although the differences between both variants are for now a secret of the gods, experts point out that one variant is equipped with 4G (LTE) communications while the other integrates Wi-Fi.

Another specification that rumors are advancing is that the iteration of Google’s smartwatch will arrive equipped with the Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 processor.

Apparently, Google will keep the same round and discreet design in the next generation of the Pixel Watch. But the big news is that the Pixel Watch 2 may have a variant aimed at children, marketed under the Fitbit label.

But we must view this information with some caution, after all, the new generation of Pixel Watch 2 will only be officially presented in the distant month of October, and in this period of time, Google can still make many changes.

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