Google Pixel 7a promises to be a fantastic mid-range in 2023

Tradition dictates that Google introduces a new mid-range smartphone in the middle of the year. In 2023, that model will be the Pixel 7a which, once again, will be heavily inspired by the top of the range released at the end of 2022.

Although its official presentation should still take a few months, the development process for this product seems already quite advanced. Proof of this is the revelation of a Pixel 7a design validation unit, which serves to reveal more details about the smartphone.

Pixel 7a leaked in a Vnese lmao Facebook group

— ShrimpApplePro 🍤 (@VNchocoTaco) January 3, 2023

Google Pixel 7a looks similar to its higher-end siblings

The images were shared on the social network Twitter by filter ShrimpApple Pro. Known for his predictions for Apple devices, this source is now turning his attention to Google’s next affordable device with information gleaned from a Vietnamese Facebook group.

The images show a Google Pixel 7a very similar to the Pixel 7, including the increased emphasis placed on its rear cameras. Still, it’s hard to ignore the thick borders surrounding the screen of Google’s upcoming Android smartphone.

Despite the expected internal improvements for the Pixel 7a, Google has not shown interest in reducing the proportion of these bevels. Something that may have been intentional in order to differentiate the most accessible model from its brothers. first quality.

As mentioned, the big news will be inside the Pixel 7a, at least according to the already known rumors. And starting with its screen, it will finally have a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

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In the photographic chapter we also have good news thanks to the use of a 64 MP main lens and a 13 MP wide-angle lens. Significant improvements over the Pixel 6a, which has a 12.2 MP main lens and a 12 MP wide angle.

The now-shared images disprove theories that the Pixel 7a would have a telephoto lens. In fact, this rumor had little chance of being confirmed because we are talking about a model that will be located in the mid-range of the market.

If all goes to plan, the Pixel 7a will be unveiled in early summer. Until then we will continue talking a lot about this team and surely with more concrete information than we currently have.

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