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Google Pixel 6: release date revealed by Jon Prosser

Yesterday we revealed a rumor that pointed to the launch of Google Pixel 6 on September 13. It would be only one day before the launch of the iPhone 13 and this has generated immense mistrust.

Well, it seems that reluctance had its reason for being. Today, thanks to the well-known filter Jon Prosser, through the Front Page Tech platform, we know that this date is indeed incorrect.

Google Pixel 6 to launch on October 28

It is important to clarify that Jon Prosser is moving forward with the day when the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will hit the market. In other words, it will be on October 28 when the new tops of the Americana range arrive in stores.

Google Pixel 6

Prosser couldn’t know when Google will officially unveil these devices. However, he noted that pre-sales will begin on October 19, so it is unlikely that the product presentation will differ much from that date.

In fact, Google will once again be one of the main stars of October with the presentation of its new range caps. Hence, Pixel 6 will get the attention it deserves, not being overshadowed by another release.

That’s what would happen if Google introduced its new high-end on September 13. Just one day after the iPhone 13 launch, it would be the ideal recipe for the Pixel 6 to stay on the road in the market.

It is important to remember that Jon Prosser was the one who revealed the first renders of the Pixel 6 that would later be confirmed by Google itself. In fact, we take these product launch dates with great credibility.

Google Pixel 6 are the most important smartphones of recent years for the American company. Far from the philosophy of the Nexus line, these devices will have everything you could ask for from a true top of the range.

From what is already known, it will have its own processor, a new design and construction in glass and metal. The cameras intend to be the great bastion of Google again, with the commitment to new sensors supported by computational photography.

Those who were entitled to early contact with the Pixel 6 highly praise the new team’s cameras. They position themselves with a true competitor to the iPhone, which already leaves the market very excited about what is to come.

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