Google Pixel 6 doesn’t have a facial unlock: that’s why

An unexpected change in last year’s Google Pixel 5 was the removal of the facial unlock in favor of a fingerprint scanner.

O Google Pixel 6 followed the same line and also comes without facial recognition.

Facial recognition arrived on Google smartphones in 2019 for the Pixel 4 line, but it was a short-lived feature.

Soniya Jobanputra, product manager for the Pixel team, said last year that the lack of facial unlock was due to a security reason.

It is worth mentioning that Pixel 6 does not have special hardware for facial unlockingLike Apple’s Face ID, it doesn’t even have sensors at the top of the screen like the Pixel 4. Instead, it doesn’t have anything more than a front-facing camera, and that’s the problem.

Facial recognition technology is not as secure without specific facial unlock hardware. Google’s Pixel 6 doesn’t have it, so it would have to rely on the camera to scan its face.

For Google, the best option is the under-screen fingerprint reader, which is much more secure than 2D facial unlock and therefore not available on newer pixels.

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