Google Photos presents an extremely useful function for your memories

Google Photos is one of the best places to save our photos and videos for later recovery. With that in mind, the American technology company continues to bolster its service with more controls and a useful feature in the submitted reports.

Remember that “memories” are generated automatically by the algorithm underlying the application and the service. Now, we have even more details present in the contents that make these moments of nostalgia more complete and very specific.

Do you use Google Photos? There is good news for “Memories”

Before and after with the new memory settings. Credit: Android Police.

First detected by post Android Police, Google Photos Memories recently received an update that adds new functions to this extremely popular feature. Indeed, “Memories” are among the options most used by users, according to data advanced by North American technology itself.

Therefore, it is natural that now we see the Definitions of Memories arrive to Google Photos (Memories settings). There, the user can see more information about each image captured and displayed in Google Photos.

To do this, simply do a move up (drag up) where a new menu with more details will be displayed. So, whenever nostalgia makes us curious to know more about a certain content to show, we already have the place to do it.

Access the “Memories” and swipe up!

Google photos
Menu with detailed information about the content shown in Memories.

Then a new menu with detailed information will be displayed. There we will see the time, date, approximate location (with map), as well as EXIF ​​data for the photo or video. There is also information about the camera, among other information.

From there, with a swipe to the right, they can also add the image to a new album, or to an existing one, among other sharing options. Also, if the content includes pets, they will have more information there as well.

There is also a new widget for displaying memories on Android.

In short, Google is introducing more information in this function that enhances nostalgia in users. It should be noted that this novelty is gradually distributed by Google itself, being available in version for Android.

Among the new functions there is also a new widget that you can use, on Android tablets and smartphones, that can display the memories generated by Google on the home screen of your mobile device.

In any case, all users can now check for available updates through the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

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