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Google Photos has a controversial new option to sync photos and videos

Google Photos is one of the best current services to store photos and videos in the cloud for both Android and iOS. However, Android users are now faced with a new option that will certainly not be consensual.

Google removes option to block mobile video uploads

With the latest version of Google Photos for Android, users can no longer simply block video uploads via mobile data. Now, they can simply set a daily limit for this purpose.

This option was first made available in India and few believed that it could reach Western markets as well. However, it is already active in both Europe and the United States.

Until now, the user could block the synchronization of videos, photos or both through mobile data. With the new version of the application, you can disable this synchronization option for both modes or set a daily limit.

In Google Photos settings, go to Backup and sync – Mobile data usage. There, in the option “Daily backup limit” you can choose between 5MB, 10MB, 30MB or Unlimited.

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If you choose “Don’t upload data”, Google Photos will only sync your photos and videos when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you select one of the above options, the service will limit the load to the defined values. ceiling.

Most users will prefer to sync their photos and videos over Wi-Fi, however, for those who wouldn’t mind sending some photos via mobile data, but not videos, they won’t be happy with Google’s decision.

Interestingly, Google’s support page for this service makes no reference to the daily data limit. In fact, the American continues to mention that if the user does not want to wait for a Wi-Fi connection, he can use his data plan, although subject to possible extra charges from his mobile service provider.

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