Google offers its employees to sleep in the office at a reasonable price

The pandemic has fundamentally changed personal working habits in the office. Working from home has gone from being an advantage for some companies to the new normal for many.

Google is one of those companies that has been doing everything it can to get its employees back into the office, but its latest tactic is making some employees feel bad.

The company advertises internally a “summer sale” for $99 a day to sleep on campus. It’s a good idea given the usual near-Google hosting costs, but the idea of ​​sleeping in the office leaves something to be desired.

“Imagine not having to commute to the office in the morning and instead being able to get an hour more sleep and less friction.”writes the company.

“Plus, you could get out of your room and grab a quick tasty breakfast or exercise before work begins.”

The “offer”, which runs until the end of September, is aimed exclusively at full-time employees. Since it is not a travel expense, employees must pay for it with their personal credit card.

CNBC Points that employees reacted negatively on the internal bulletin board. one writes: “Now I can give part of my salary back to Google”. What better way to thank the owners of the company?

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