Google news, translated into Spanish as Google News, it will return to Spain in 2022, seven years after its closure. This has been possible thanks to the ‘Iceta Law’, recently published in the BOE and approved by the Government, which allows, among other things, transpose the European copyright directive. The implementation of this new law has also benefited other platforms such as Apple news, which may also be launched in Spain, but nothing is guaranteed yet.

The new Google News platform will be packed with truthful information with links aimed at a multitude of sources, with the aim of offering the user the best possible content, and to “Help find more information about current affairs and delve into those stories”, as explained in the official blog of the company. In addition, Google News, apart from trying to offer the best content, also wants to become “A key tool in the fight against misinformation”, it states.

Reason for closing Google News

Google News had to shut down in 2014 due to the Canon AEDE, which prevented the media and platforms from deciding on their own how to manage their copyright. These web pages could link to any content or source without any authorization, however, Those responsible for this content could later claim their rights in exchange for a reward, which they could not renounce.


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