Google may launch Pixel Ultra with 1″ sensor

Currently, the performance of smartphones has reached a very high point, and with each new generation, the performance gains are no longer as big as before.

That means phone makers have to find other ways to compete with each other, and cameras are a pretty popular choice.

Google has always been known for having amazing camera software, but according to a recent tweet from Ice Universe, Google may be looking to equip its supposed Pixel Ultra smartphone with a 1-inch camera sensor.


Sensor size greatly influences image quality, as the larger the sensor, the more light it can capture, which means better low-light performance and more resolution. We hear rumors that Google may be working on a Pixel Ultra, but the phone was not announced alongside the Pixel 7 series.

There are some conflicting rumors about the sensor size. While Ice Universe claims there will be a 1-inch sensor, Kuba Wojciechowski’s tweets are saying otherwise.

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