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Google may force users to pay ‘Premium’ to watch 4K videos on YouTube


THE Google can start demanding Subscription to the premium planat least to some users, so that they have access to the 4K videos on YouTube. The claim is made by a user of the Redditwith simultaneous expression on Twitter and It is, for now, a mere hypothesis..

At stake will be a vector to be explored by Google to better monetize YouTube despite the increase in advertising presented before and during each video. I mean, can we have the 4K videos “hidden” behind a paywall.

4K videos on YouTube? Only premium plan subscribers

So, after testing up to 12 ads on YouTube for non-Premium users, now some users reported that they also need to get a Premium account just to watch 4K videos. pic.twitter.com/jJodoAxeDp

— Alvin (@sondesix) October 1, 2022

Google’s efforts to get users to subscribe to YouTube Premium do not go unnoticed. Either with offer campaigns for the first months -up to 4 months on Samsung Galaxy smartphones- or with constant reminders on your platform.

At the same time, the increase in the number and duration of advertising clips presented before, during and at the end of each video on YouTube makes Premium more and more attractive, if only out of exhaustion.

In view of the above, with ads that we can not skip and other ways to monetize YouTube, Google will be studying a more severe implementation to generate revenue on this platform.

Paywall to access 4K videos on YouTube?

YouTube thought since Vanced is gone now they can do things like this. They just don’t know that so many more people have switched to any of the Vanced alternatives every time they made those shitty decisions. pic.twitter.com/CAlaos5C8l

— Alvin (@sondesix) October 1, 2022

The possibility was first exposed on the Reddit platform, where a user shared several screenshots in which the word “Premium” appears against the 4K quality standard in a certain video.

Does this mean that, in order to watch a video in 4K, we will need a subscription to the Premium plan? It is true that the appearance is exactly that, but at the moment it seems to be only a version. betawith a feature under test.

The original post was made by the user u/Ihatesmokealarms on the aforementioned platform. up, accompanied by a screenshot taken with the iPhone. There we see that the 2160p (4K) option is marked as “Premium”.

Now, when you click on it, you will be presented with a guide to join the YouTube paid plan, a “how to join” and upgrade to Premium on this Google video platform.

Most likely? A pure Google experience for your YouTube

2160p (4K) “Premium. Tap to upgrade”

The message is quite simple. If you want to watch 4K videos on YouTube, go for Premium. However, Google is most likely considering this implementation and may actually test it with a more or less restricted group of users.

Even so, it is not entirely unreasonable that this implementation will reach the general public in the near future, although at the moment we cannot conclude in this regard.

Also, we don’t know if such an implementation would only apply to smartphones or any media/device with access to YouTube.

Finally, should Google implement such a practice to generate more revenue for content producers?

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