Google may already be working on the second generation of Tensor

Google recently introduced its line of Pixel 6 smartphones with the brand’s new Tensor, and there are already rumors that the tech giant is developing the next generation of its processor.

The same sources say that it is very likely that the Tensor 7 will be included in the future Pixel 7 series.

Clouripper’s codename may refer to the second-generation Tensor processor

The Tensor processor, developed by Google, has been the subject of many new features. Before his release with everything that was expected of him and after his reveal about his performance. But now the news seems to be changing course for Tensor 7.

According to the website 9to5Google, the company Alphabet Inc is already developing the second generation Tensor. All because that site found a reference to a new codename associated with Pixel.

The site team believes that the codename Cloudripper refers to the second generation Tensor processor and not the future Pixel 7 smartphone model. This is because they believe that the reference is the name of an integral hardware board that will integrate the upcoming Google Pixel smartphone. .

Also according to 9t05Google, the CloudRipper name is linked to the second generation of Tensor processors through the model number GS201. Recall that the Tensor present in the Pixel 6 series had the number GS101.

This finding also suggests that Google could increase the processor number by 100 for each new copy.
The same site goes even further and claims that by seeing the Cloudripper reference in apps associated with the Pixel model, the second-gen tensor could be part of the upcoming Pixel 7 smartphone.

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There is still at least a year left before the next series of smartphones from Google will be introduced and as such we must consider all this information with caution. But it looks like a lot of information will be released in the time remaining.

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