Google Maps is improving, EA could change the name of FIFA 22, this is the recap ‘

A new widget for Google Maps will make it possible to find a destination faster, the company EA could change the name of its game FIFA 22, a new scam on Facebook will make you believe in an advertisement for an electric scooter for 2 euros, it is the recap of the day.

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A new Widget for Google Maps

Our colleagues from XDA Developers have spotted the deployment of a new widget for Google Maps on smartphones Android 11 or running with the beta of Android 12. Depending on the media, this widget has a search bar in the screen home and 8 navigation shortcuts. On the screenshots shared by XDA, we discover the shortcuts “Home”, “Workplace”, “Nearby gas station”, “restaurant”, “bar”, “hotel” or even “supermarket”. The deployment of this ultra practical novelty should be available soon and we encourage you to keep your Google Maps application up to date to benefit from it.

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EA prepares to say goodbye to iconic FIFA name

In a statement, EA has for the first time explained that it is considering changing the name of its iconic FIFA. The organization and the publisher have been working together since 1993 and the last contract between them is valid until 2022. The company seems to be preparing for this change and the name “EA Sports FC” has been registered with the Office of the European Union for intellectual property. According to the New York Times, the end of this contract would be linked to the fact that the organization from which the publisher borrows the name of FIFA wishes to double the price, which would amount to paying more than a billion dollars in each new cycle. World Cup, that is to say every 4 years.

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New phishing attempt on Facebook via a Darty ad

A new phishing attempt has taken place on Facebook and consists of selling you a Segway scooter for 2 euros. The pirates, via this fake ad, make the victims believe that Darty has a surplus of scooters in stock and that the brand therefore offers to offer them. We can read on Facebook: “Due to the Darty & Segway partnership, we have decided to give you the opportunity to get a Ninebot ES2 scooter for € 1.99 ” ! The ad is very well crafted and the positive feedback that comes with it can easily fool users. The sole purpose of this masquerade is to recover the personal information and bank details of its victims. Please note, the Facebook pages in question are called Darty France or Darty Prom and are still accessible at the present time.

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