The impact of humans on Earth is causing wild imbalances in nature, with the proliferation of invasive species and the extinction of endangered ones.

There is a constant call for people to act to protect the planet and vulnerable animals.

One of the last ways to raise awareness about endangered wildlife is a collaboration between Google and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Google started showing five new animals in augmented reality as search results: lynx, porpoise, arctic fox, woodpecker and bee.

To see them in augmented reality, Just look for them in your mobile’s Google app and, in the search results, click “View in 3D” to interact with them.


In a recent survey commissioned by Google and conducted by the Swedish Opinion Institute, 30% of respondents said they did not know about endangered species in Sweden.

In particular, the porpoise and the woodpecker are seriously threatened, but all are threatened by accelerating climate change, pollution, poaching and deforestation.


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