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Google launches alert for all Gmail users

To all users of the email service of Googleoh gmail, a new important notice is coming, sent by the technology itself. This is the latest alert about the wave of hoaxes and scams circulating on the web, commonly known as identity fraud.

The attempt to get the user to reset their password and enter sensitive account data in an apparently trustworthy manner. Now, as you may have already guessed, this is the lure that hackers try to get to “steal” our access data.

Phishing attacks are on the rise again in 2023

Google spoofing

Faced with the growing wave of scams various and attacks identity fraud, is Google itself warning users of Gmail accounts of the danger that may be lurking with these requests. They are almost always accompanied by a sense of urgency to prevent the user from overthinking their ramifications, or even questioning their veracity.

In any case, the most recent vacancy identified by Google opens with a different tagline. This is an “online rewards program”, trying to captivate the user’s attention with essentially a profitable opportunity. It goes without saying that the reward is fictitious and nothing more than a hoax.

The message that reaches users and potential victims through email tries to make us believe that we are a random user attracted by Google. It’s an old scam, much like the classic “you’re visitor number 10,000, congratulations!”

Alert given by Google to your Gmail users

The promising letter is accompanied by a link where we can claim the “reward”. However, if they are unlucky enough to fill out some form of form, or continue to visit on that platform, it is likely that the digital scoundrels will end up receiving a “gift”.

The intention is always to capture as much user data as possible. Credentials that they can then use to, for example, access banking apps, trusted apps, among other valuable platforms that they can then leverage for their own benefit.

This campaign, suspicious and already identified, is plaguing several Gmail inboxes to the point that Google itself is alerting users in this way. That being said, if you don’t know the sender, always question the content of received messages.

3 tips from Google to avoid Phishing attacks

By the way, Google itself leaves three tips and tricks to avoid falling for this type of lure:

  1. Take it easy. Phishing attacks and scams often use a sense of urgency to evade our rationality. Take your time to read, analyze and think about whether a communication is worth acting on.
  2. Check the signs. Research and analyze the text. Is it in good and perfect Portuguese? Are there clear signs of a sloppy translation?
  3. For! Do not send information. No credible and trustworthy entity will require immediate payment from you to grant you access to information, platforms, or stores that you may use.

Finally, they can see the dedicated page from Google to fighting and reporting phishing attacks.

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