Consumers expect and demand more privacy for their data and information stored on their Android smartphones and tablets. With that in mind, Google will be working on a new initiative called “Protected by Android” that will be introduced with the next version of the brand’s operating system, Android 13.

In fact, the North American technology company even released a short video where we can see some of the main innovations and added value of this “platform”. There we are introduced to the Protected by Android system, which aims, above all, to protect users against malware and other software threats that may endanger the security of our data and information.


Protected by Android must be built into Android version 13

The platform was first seen by the publication. 9to5Google, while the video was published by Google itself. Then, in the short 50-second snippet, we look at some of the highlights and the ways the system keeps user information secure.

The goal is lofty and aims to eliminate the need to even think about a dedicated malware app, much less an Android antivirus, a category of apps that often do more harm than good on a common Android device.

In summary, this video shows us the characteristics of the Google platform and ecosystem. First of all, we have “Verified by Play Protect”, the guarantee of protection against fake applications, malware, spyware and other threats that may try to enter the applications available in the Google Play Store.


Google will introduce security improvements in Android 13

Second, the new platform will inform the user about monthly security updates. Something that, until now, has been distributed by mobile device manufacturers in the form of patches which, in turn, are distributed by Google itself to the main OEM’s.

Finally, this platform will make it easier to find and manage the permissions assigned to each application. In this way, the user will have a localized control center that is easy to use. There you will be able to know the security status of your mobile device and the respective information contained in it.


Now it remains to wait for the further development of this new feature that is expected to be integrated into Google’s version of Android 13. As a final note, this version should be distributed by the end of 2022 by the North American technology company.