Google includes shipping and return information in search results

When we make a purchase we want to know the total price of the products that we are going to buy, including the shipping price. Shipping speed, cost and return policy are the main factors considered by buyers when purchasing products online.

Oftentimes, consumers will not complete a purchase because the shipping cost is too high, the shipping speed is not fast enough, or the return information is unclear. So show shipping and return information up front is critical to successful online sales.

Information about shipping and returns in organic search results

Now Google has announced that it will display expanded shipping and returns information in Google search text results for merchant sites. It does this by adding the content using structured data markup similar to how you’ve marked up your products. If you already submit your product information to Google in Merchant Center, they’ll use your Merchant Center shipping and returns information in the same way.

Also the company added new reports to Search Console. It has the goal of making it easier to know when your products are missing information. This will allow you to monitor and correct structured data related to these e-commerce features. If your products do not have shipping and return information or if the shipping and return information was added incorrectly, you will receive warnings in the merchant listings report and via email notifications.

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