Google has a new plan to speed up Android updates

Google knows that not all users install system (or security) updates on their Android smartphones, even if they are entitled to the updates. A fact that contributes to the increase in the fragmentation of the Android operating system and that can even leave users exposed to security vulnerabilities.

It is, indeed, one of Google’s biggest battles in recent years, and one that hasn’t been particularly successful. Time and time again, the search giant has tried to improve this very important topic. And despite great efforts, the improvements are incremental at best.

Your smartphone will “invite” you to update the Android system

Now, Google has a new plan to try to solve this reality, going mainly through the manufacturers of our mobile devices and then through the users.

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In addition to the security risks inherent in earlier versions of the operating system, this wide diversity of operating system versions also places additional burdens on Google. That is, the technology has to devote attention and resources to maintaining previous versions.

In other words, you have to invest in software development for old software, something that also causes delays in the arrival of new versions and their respective innovations. In short, efforts and capital that you could invest in new versions, or in improving any other aspect of your Android platform.

Therefore, to reduce the number of users who decide not to update their smartphones, the company has decided to implement a new feature on Android. Is called “Android update invitation” or Android update invitation.

Manufacturers will be able to invite users to install Android updates

Not everyone jumps to install the latest operating system update when it becomes available. To help OEMs convince those users to update their devices, Google invites OEMs to implement an Android update invitation.

—Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) July 13, 2023

In question, then, are the new invitations to update the Android operating system. Something already presented and detailed by Google in the respective documentation page from the platform itself.

By the way, as the page itself says “Upgrade Invite is a resource for the user that shows the main innovations included in the main update available for the Android operating system.”

It will be a new way to show the user everything that they will be entitled to when updating the Android version. A kind of Advance or preview the new update to convince it to accept and install the updates.

Google thus hopes to captivate the user’s curiosity and ensure one more installation of the new software to gradually reduce the existence of old versions. Throughout the article we can already see some manifestations in the tweets Incorporated.

The demonstration of the news aims to convince users to update Android

Android Upgrade Invite is a “user flow that showcases key new features included in the currently available major Android operating system upgrade.” The flow is “intended to help convince users to update their device to the latest version of the operating system.”

—Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) July 13, 2023

It should be noted that although this feature is created and customized by Google, it will be the smartphone manufacturer that activates or not this option. In any case, if it is active, the user will thus be able to see a summary or summary of the news.

You will also have notifications and reminders that will remind you of everything you can enjoy if you install the new available software. The resource is, by the way, well illustrated in the publications of the programmer Mishaal Rahman.

In short, it is very likely that we will start to see this new function in the next smartphones that come to market with Android 14. At the same time, we believe that several manufacturers also choose to leave this function active in their smartphones.

Android Upgrade Invite is the counterpart to the Android Upgrade Party that I talked about last year. While Android Upgrade Party tells you about the OS upgrade you just received, Upgrade Invite tells you about the new OS before you upgrade.

—Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) July 13, 2023

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