Google files: the most used application to save space on the phone wins the ideal tool

The application Google files, Or simply Google files, is one of the most effective and popular solutions to save space on your phone and delete unused files. It is a free application among the many that Google offers and, very soon, you will receive one of the most requested functions.

Now that Google Photos doesn’t provide unlimited storage unless you want to pay for the service, it is highly recommended to keep your storage under control. With that in mind, Google continues to optimize your files with new delete, select, and scan Automatic application of applications, files and files that you may want to delete from your mobile device.

There are new features on the way to the Google Files app for Android.

Google Android files

What is at stake is a new option for the automatic deletion of possibly duplicate files. That is, files that may have been stored twice on local storage or that are already hosted by Google Photos or another service. back and they continue to take up space on local storage.

Having been one of the most recurring complaints and requests from users of this Google application for Android, the American technology company is now developing a solution. The news was first reported by the publication. 9to5Google and realize a new automation for the management of the storage.

In practice, when activating the new optional tool, old photos and videos that have already been forgotten, but are still stored locally on the smartphone, will be automatically deleted. This will only happen if those files are already backed up to the back made in the Google Photos service. In this way, they will not run the risk of running out of the videos and / or images in question.

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Automatic deletion of files already backed up in Google Photos

Google files
Example of operation and options available with the new Files tool.

The feature first came to Google Pixel smartphones. However, according to the source, this new option will reach the general version of the Android application. In this way, the entire user community can take advantage of this new feature.

Until now, this type of management had to be done manually. The user was alerted, by the application, of the repeated files and photos, but he had to be the one who selected the files, or gave a deletion order.

In the future, this process will be automated. Anyway, the files won’t disappear right away. That is, even if Google Files deletes them, they will be present in the “Trash” for 60 days before being effectively deleted.

According to the source, this protection will be optimized by the “Smart Storage” function of the Google application. Anyway, this “novelty” was already seen in 2016 with Android Nougat that did something very similar, in practice, and in the functions it provided.

Finally, this feature is currently available to Google Pixel smartphone users. For the others, it will be a matter of time before it is officially available.

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