Google Drive now offers offline mode to all users

After being available in beta since 2019, Google is making Drive’s offline mode accessible to all users, reports Phonandroid, Saturday. “Users can access all of their important Drive files offline, for example when traveling or when there is poor internet connectivity,” Google said in a blog post.

To make PDF files, images, or Google Docs, Sheets and Slides documents available, all you have to do is select the chosen file and choose the “Make available offline” option. “Non-Google files such as PDFs, images and Microsoft Office files” will need to be opened with applications installed on a computer via Google Drive on the web, notes the California giant.

A 15-day deployment

“ChromeOS users can now also use the Files application easily accessible on their Chromebook to select Google Docs, Sheets and Slides files that will be available offline,” Google adds in its note.

The option will be offered on all Google Drive accounts, including personal accounts. The feature was rolled out worldwide a few days ago. But the server-side deployment could take up to 15 days. No update is necessary to take advantage of it.

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