Google discontinues the Android Auto app for your smartphone

It’s no secret that Google wants to shut down the Android Auto app for smartphones. It was in the middle of 2019 when the American company began to close the service, which now seems to have come to an end.

Reports from multiple users who were still using this app account due to the inoperability of the Android Auto app. For everyone who doesn’t have an Android Auto infotainment system in their car, this is bad news.

Android Auto becomes exclusive to cars that support it

When users who are still using the Android Auto app try to open it, it redirects them to the Android Auto settings. There, they are faced with a message stating that Android Auto is “only available for cars”.

android automatic

This means that only vehicles sold with this integrated system will be able to offer its features to drivers. If your car doesn’t have it, then it’s time to say goodbye to Android Auto and look for alternatives.

Google Assistant driving mode is the official alternative

The discontinuation of the Android Auto app serves to encourage adoption of the new driving mode introduced in Google Assistant. This is the official alternative to the service used by millions of users on their smartphones.

However, this Google Assistant driving mode isn’t as intuitive as the Android Auto app. First of all, the user cannot activate this mode manually.

Strictly speaking, the Google Assistant Driving Mode will only come into action, among other dependencies, when it detects that the car is moving. Something that will only happen when the vehicle reaches a speed greater than about 16 km/h.

When active, Google Assistant driving mode offers an interface reminiscent of Android Auto service. With bigger and better interaction icons, the driver will be able to access the call log, messages, multimedia and others.

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Activation of this mode must be done through the Google Maps application. There, you must go to Settings, Navigation Settings, Google Assistant Settings and activate the Driving Mode option.

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