Google Cloud bets on immersive technologies to transform shopping experiences

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies have long been transforming shopping experiences. Companies are looking for immersive technologies to improve the shopping experience. Thus, many brands have opted to incorporate this type of virtual reality and augmented reality solutions into their processes to offer consumers a new way of interacting.

Google Cloud Presents XR Immersive Stream, a tool that allows you to create and broadcast augmented reality experiences on millions of mobile devices. From now on, users will enjoy an immersive, interactive and photorealistic experience, without having to download any app. To do this, you only have to create the content once and run it on any device.

This tool uses powerful cloud-based graphics processing units (GPUs) from Google Cloud. It was presented in its first version during Google I/O in 2022 and is currently integrated into Google Maps in its Immersive View function.

3D experiences

Thus, XR Immersive Flow offers the possibility of bring worlds and ecosystems in three dimensions closer to users through a link or scanning a QR code. So consumers will be able to virtually see, for example, how certain pieces of furniture and objects would look in a space or even potential customers of a car contemplate how it would look in their own garage.

Different industries such as retail, health care, education, tourism or the automotive industry, among others, may include this type of technology for all kinds of users, regardless of the type of device used.

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