Google Chrome: Your PC may have a malicious extension installed!

Google Chrome browser extensions add practical utility and functionality to the world’s most popular browser. However, if you use any of these Chrome extensions, beware! Malware (malicious software) was found in your code.

Malware threats continue to abound on the Internet, and infected apps are frequently detected in the Google Play Store, the only official “store” for Android content. However, it’s not just the Play Store where malware sometimes escapes.

Extensions contained malware and permission abuse

More than 30 extensions, previously available on the Chrome Web Store, were recently flagged and immediately removed because they were deemed dangerous. The outcome occurred as a result of a investigation Released last May.

In common, these extensions for Chrome had the massive display of advertising. In other words, the extensions abused their permissions to alter search results and present users with a “storm” of advertising.

The malicious code was capable of displaying advertising by injecting scripts JavaScript on visited websites. In this way, generate income with the presentation of this same advertising to those responsible.

More than 30 extensions with malware in the Chrome Web Store

These are the extensions, meanwhile removed, with the most active users:

  • auto jump for youtube – 9 million active users
  • sound reinforcement – 9 million active users
  • glass ad block – 9 million active users
  • fast vpn – 9 million active users
  • Clipboard Helper – 9 million active users
  • Maxi Refreshing -9 million active users

In total there were 32 extensions for the Google Chrome browser with millions of users around the world – the full list is here available. Above we have the most popular ones, with several others still available on the official Google Chrome store.

It should be noted that, this time and contrary to what is usual within Google, even in the face of alerts and investigations launched by entities such as Avast, Google has not yet removed all the targeted extensions. The reasons for such inaction are unknown.

On the other hand, the American giant says that it “takes these complaints and security and privacy concerns very seriously.”

In short, although there are numerous useful extensions for Google Chrome, it is important to pay attention to what we install in our browser. Preferably look for verified developers and extensions with good user reviews.

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