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Google Chrome may receive a powerful feature, but only for desktop

The world’s most popular browser is Google Chrome, a free program for desktop (computer), as well as a free application for Android and iOS (iPhone), packed with features. Soon, however, there is something new that can only make its way to the desktop.

It is the native ability to take a screenshot (also known as print Screen) with a dedicated button on the top bar of the Google Chrome browser. This enhancement is currently only available on the Chrome Canary channel, where it has now been detected.

Feature now available via Chrome Canary test channel

Google Chrome Canary

More specifically, it was in Chrome Canary 98, the experimental version, where the publication Real Me Central found the first clues of the new button for screenshots. Depending on the source, it is possible to capture, edit and share the screenshots in Chrome.

Although both Microsoft’s Windows operating system and Apple’s macOS have shortcuts for this purpose, and although there are several extensions for Chrome for that purpose, we do not have this option natively in Google Chrome.

However, the ability to share part or all of the page is a feature that is used often, not only in a work context, but also in casual use. Therefore, we welcome this future possibility of coming to this browser.

Similar to Android and iOS implementation, but optimized for desktop

While taking a screenshot is relatively easy on both operating systems, for less tech literate users, having a button dedicated to screenshots will certainly simplify this common task.

By the way, not only will it be easier to get screenshots, but the sharing process will also be simplified. In practice, we can capture what is shown on the screen, edit the same content (adjust the dimensions / crop), as well as share it.

The activation process for these functions is simple, namely:

After activating these features, the new “screenshot” feature should be displayed by pressing the Share button. This button is present, in Chrome Canary, in the address bar at the top, or Omnibox, following Google’s terminology.

Note that not all users may already have this feature, only in Chrome Canary. Anyway, any user can download this trial version of Chrome and start taking advantage of the new features.

It should be noted that this option still has several insects. In other words, its operation is not at all stable or fault-free. It is, by the way, one of the functions under development, not being a complete “novelty”.

Finally, this feature can also reach the stable version of Google Chrome. However, there is no guarantee that this will happen as it is currently in the test channel.

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