Home Tech Google Chrome is the fastest browser for Apple Mac computers

Google Chrome is the fastest browser for Apple Mac computers

Google Chrome is the fastest browser for Apple Mac computers

the Navigator Google Chrome is 20% faster in the speed test than apple compared to the results obtained three months ago. This means that in the space of a quarter, between March and June 2022, Chrome jumped 20% in speed.

It was, in fact, in March 2022 when Chrome conquered the podium of the fastest browsers for macOS, beating Apple’s own solution, Safari. However, Google continued to work on this solution with surprising results.

In March 2022 Google Chrome overtook Apple’s Safari

Speed ​​has shaped our work since #Chrome‘s in 2008. Three months ago, we recorded the highest score on Apple’s speedometer, and now Chrome is 20% faster on Mac, scoring over 360. pic.twitter.com/FO3t06c9p3

— Chrome (@googlechrome) June 5, 2022

The announcement was made by Google itself, greeting the evolution of its browser. In fact, the metrics show that this solution for browsing the Internet is 20% faster than the values ​​recorded about three months ago, in March 2022.

This consolidates Chrome’s leadership over other solutions, even against Safari, the browser developed by the Cupertino technology company for its products. Supporting this prevalence are values ​​obtained from Apple’s own speedometer.

More specifically, the values ​​were obtained using Apple’s Speedometer 2.0 benchmark platform. Please note that results may vary depending on the website visited and the other programs running on the Mac computer, as well as the hardware itself.

Benchmark tests attribute the advantage to Google Chrome on macOS

The prevalence of Google Chrome over Safari was determined by the publication androidpolice, using a 2020 MacBook Pro computer with M1 chipset. However, as the reporter warns, their browsers are full of extensions and Cookies.

As the article mentions, although the benchmarks give the primacy to Chrome, real-life use may bring different results or feelings to the users. Therefore, everything will depend on the usage pattern of each user, the respective extensions and the technical characteristics of the Apple computer.

However, the improvements made to Google Chrome this past quarter give it a significant head start over the browser’s state at the beginning of March. So this is good news for anyone who uses this browser on a daily basis, as a gateway to work, or as a way to enjoy and surf the Internet.

Finally, it’s important to note that this synthetic benchmark does not assess power consumption on every browser. Something that could also significantly impact the choice of browser for Apple teams.

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