Google Chrome for Android Gets Essential Feature for Online Shopping

Online commerce is a modality that will only grow from now on, driven by factors such as convenience and a greater offer compared to physical and retail sales channels. In fact, this is one of the biggest online shopping seasons, with the holiday season spurring more market movement.

In fact, more and more people are choosing their Christmas shopping via the Web, not just during the period of Black Friday and Cyber โ€‹โ€‹Monday. With that in mind, Google is working on a new tool that can notify users when a product has recently dropped in price or has undergone a noticeable change in its tabulated value.

We will have a notice of price changes in Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome Android
Example of displaying a price change notice in Google Chrome for Android.

Although there are a large number of extensions for Google Chrome that serve this exact or similar purpose, Google will develop its own tool. All to notify the user when a particular product has recently dropped in price or has undergone a notable change in its usual value.

These types of consumer notices will be displayed in online stores, or whenever Google Chrome detects that a certain website is an online store, with products for sale. The objective? Help the browser user to see that a certain item is now priced differently.

Note, once again, that there are several extensions and platforms that serve this purpose. Among these we can highlight the extension honey for Google Chrome and the platform Tropical Price to compare prices of different Amazon store branches, for example.

Chrome will help us find the best prices online.

To facilitate online trading, Chrome has implemented several features that help and streamline the entire process. The latter, still in the testing phase, only for Android mobile devices, is the last.

However, it will be the next of several improvements on the way to Google Chrome for online shoppers. It will be, immediately, a resource with the potential to facilitate the monitoring of the evolution of prices in certain products.

Thus, from Google Chrome for Android we will easily see if a certain item has been cheaper recently beyond the price shown in the list of that product. Note that this warning will be present in Chrome’s tabbed view.

Therefore, to take advantage of this function we must keep the product page open in Chrome, as shown in the first image. Finally, it will also be a matter of time before this feature hits the iOS platform.

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